Thursday, July 23, 2009

Training, Action and Determination

Picture this:

It's your first day on a regular job and after a little tour and a meet and greet where you forget half the names you hear what happens next? Well now you start going over what you're going to be working at and the tools or programs (just another kind of tool really) that you will be using.

Why do this? Well training gives you a solid platform to launch from, the success you have later is up to your determination. Think about it, even outside of work, you can find training in sports, hobbies and other places. Hell, even in our infancy we are trained in how to interact with people.

Well if you're involved with network marketing there - in the past - has always been a lack of real training. Oh sure your company told you to go to the "pink kool-aid" meetings, you know the ones that happen every week or two and are typically a low or no cost deal. And sure, at those meetings they tell you the importance of a face to face kind of meeting with your prospect or they run through a skit of what the company thinks the presentation should look like. They're not all bad, once in a while you can gleam something that works from one of these meetings but you really have to know how to pick them.

Well times change, Tivo is now one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century because now you don't need to watch commercials and there is no need for a library of VHS tapes. The bombardment of adds nowadays turns people off, they want things that give them real value. Well take heart friends, because with a new mind set and some proper training (no "dream boards" or emotional puff pieces) you can position yourself as a good and proper network marketer online.

Of course what I'm talking about is going back to school of sorts to the Renegade University. Don't worry, this is one of those free training centers, and you will learn how to add value to people online and thereby attract people too you instead of having to sell them on something.

I hope you understand the importance of proper training, attitude and the right tools because otherwise you might just find yourself chocking on the dust of people who do. For now I will leave you with this: Napoleon Hill once wrote a book "Think and Grow Rich" well in this digital world of ours it should be "LEARN and Grow Rich"

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